How Mailing List Services Can Increase the Value of Your Marketing Lists

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Direct marketing lists are an important part of every business’ continued success. Whether companies are marketing to new prospects or sending out new promotional offers to existing customers, mailing list services add value and increase the value of their marketing lists. There are several mailing list services available to enhance your list. These services include telephone and email appending, list hygiene, mapping solutions, data analysis and data entry.

Telephone appending is the process of adding phone number to an existing list or database. You can append phones to an existing customer database or to a prospecting list. Telemarketing is one of the most common forms of marketing where initial contact or follow up is made by phone. Phones can be added to a residential database and/or business database.

Email appending is done by adding email addresses to a customer database. Appending emails is done for a company’s existing customer database. Appending to a prospecting list not typically permitted. With today’s advancements in technology, almost every household has an email address available for communication. This is the most cost effective way to stay in front of your customers with new promotions and customer satisfaction follow ups.

List hygiene is the process of updating the addresses within a mailing list. There are on average 45 million people moving each year, which is almost 15% of the population. With these approximate numbers, that shows that each mailing list will decline about 15% each year. As your mailing list ages, the accuracy will continue to decline. This results in wasted printing and postage. A mailing list should be run through the national change of address and the coding accuracy support system at a minimum of every 90 days. Other hygiene options include removing deceased people from your database and removing telephone numbers that have been added to the national do not call.

Mapping solutions gives marketers a visual look at exact where their customers are and helps to set boundaries for multi location businesses. At times selecting the correct areas to market is harder than it sounds. It is crucial to choose the optimal geography along with demographic variables to successfully accomplish a company’s objective. Many multi-location retailers have a complicated time assigning territories to each location, especially when they are close to each other. Mapping helps to sort out their geographic markets so their mailing can be as effective as possible. Mapping aids in tying all of these important variables together and proves a visual tool for your client.

Data analysis involves studying a current customer file and calculating exactly who is currently purchasing your product and/or service. A company’s customer file would be ran through an appending software system and attaches elements including age, income, cluster codes and several other household demographic information. This information can then be used to model your perfect customer and can be used to purchase new mailing lists with the demographics from conclusion of the analysis. This can be a significant tool in creating a perfectly targeted prospect list.

Data entry can aid in turning your stack of reply cards sitting by your desk into a useful money making electronic mailing list. Often time’s businesses get inundated with responses from their postcard mailers. In this case, these reply cards can sit in a storage room or office floor for months. These are individuals that have responded with an interest and should be utilized for additional marketing promotions. These cards can be shipped to a data entry company and can be manually entered into an electronic mailing list for further promotions.

Direct mail marketing should be an integral part of any business’ advertising strategy. This form of marketing gives marketers the ability to target a message to the people that fit the profile of having an interest in your product or service. Updating and enhancing mailing list services will add value to your lists, increase the accuracy of your mailings and significantly lower waste. These mailing list services will ensure you are getting the most out of your lists.


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