Make Business Mailing Lists Work For Your Business

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In marketing any business, the most important task to undertake is to identify who is most likely to buy your product. Business Mailing Lists help in this respect. Business Mailing Lists contain the names and addresses of individuals who, according to their profiles, are most likely to buy your product.

These lists are invaluable to any business organization. Without one such list, marketers would have to grope in the dark and build up a prospective list of clients one by one. But how does one use Business Mailing Lists? And where do you get these mailing lists?

First of all, a mailing list is a collection of names and contact details of people or groups that a company sends multiple mails to. People who subscribe to this list – therefore agreeing to receive such mail – are also referred to as part of the list.

This type of marketing is popular today, and it uses either the good ol’ fashioned postal mail or the new but popular email.

You and I have more or less been on the receiving end of such mail. Mail such as this, in which the entire mailing list receives similar material, is called mailshot. Traditionally, administrators of such mailing lists allow the recipient to unsubscribe from the list. Some unscrupulous businesses, however, do not give this option, and some even go to extent of abusing their rights to your contact information. Fortunately, there are also many professional and ethical mailing list providers around.

Using Mailing Lists to Your Advantage

If you decide to use business mailing lists to your advantage, there are few things that should be pointed out.


Although it is not illegal to buy or rent mailing lists, your relationship with your customer will likely decide whether or not you can make a sale. So, for starters, it would be good to keep in mind a firm respect for the person’s privacy. Your mailshots should always include the disclaimer that their contact information and communications with you will not be sold or leased. Choosing a responsible and professional mailing list provider will also help you achieve this.


Even though a subscriber to your mailing list does not purchase any of your products, it still pays to initiate and maintain a relationship with him or her. This relationship will lead to greater brand recognition and the better possibility of a sale in a future. Don’t worry if the person doesn’t seem to be buying. As long as the person is listening, there is always a change he or she will do business with you.

Get the Right List You will need some help in building your mailing list. How do you know which individuals show interest in your product? Targeting these people will be the most cost effective means to starting an interested mailing list community.

Fortunately there are online services that helps even beginner marketers build an effective and targeted mailing list.

Interest Studies show that people make the decision whether to read or ignore data in a blink of an eye. That means you only have that much time to make an impact on person. Always design your mailshots to make use of that split second to get his or her attention. Make the content stand out. Use keywords that are sure to interest your target. And most of all, keep your content fresh and updated.

What Should I Mailshot?

Your have your list. You have your product. And the customer is listening. How do you get his or her attention? To hook your potential customers in, you have to present relevant, interesting information. Make sure that when placed against other email and offers, yours stands out.

First of all, the title must be catchy, but not clich√©-ish. It must convey enough information to capture the reader’s attention.

For example: “Save 50% On Our Product xx Until July 12!”

The individuals of your mailing list respond to particular keywords. Make sure you use them. For example: if the interest of individuals on your list is digital stock photos, make sure you use keywords that catch the fancy of the reader. For example: “Unlimited Downloads On Royalty-free Stock Photos, 50% off.”

Don’t play mind games with your clients. Some mailers use deceptive marketing to lure customers to look at their wares. If you break your clients trust straightaway, more or less, you will lose that client. Always put an honest image in the mind of your clients. Nothing is worse than an unreliable or deceitful seller.

Include the following information in your mailshots:

1. Your website address (es)

2. How to subscribe or unsubscribe

3. Copyright information 4. Contact details of your company. 6. Links to any products or sites mentioned 8. A Privacy Policy (“We’ll never sell your email address…”)

So, whether it be by mail or by email, a business mailing list will certainly work wonders for your business. Now its time for you to browse for potential business mailing list providers to assist you in this endeavor.